Pajama Day

Tomorrow is pajama day! I can’t wait to where my pjs. I’m going to  listen to the story the Polar Express. I’m going to where my kitty pjs, my kitty robe and my kitty slippers. I love the polar express.


December is a month with 2 very popular holidays. The holidays are New years eve and Christmas. Christmas is a holiday were you celebrate Jesus’s birthday! On Christmas eve a man named Santa Clause   comes when your sleeping and brings you presents if your good and coal if your bad. New years eve is when you celebrate the last day of the year. You would usually go to visit family and friends. I also love to see the ball drop on New years eve. Thats why I love December!! Go to

New Year’s Eve – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia to learn about New years eve in different countries


Chicago: Daley Plaza Christmas Tree (2006)Creative Commons License chrismetcalfTV via CompfightNew Years Eve 2010 on Sydney HarbourCreative Commons License Mandy Hall via Compfight


My favorite food is pizza. I like to put peppers and olives on my pizza. Sometimes I make home made pizza with my mom. My favorite place to get pizza is Jo Jo’s. Thats why I love pizza.My Kind of Pizza! hmerinomx via Compfight                                       

Blogging challenge 4

Happy halloween. I made my blog into a halloween blog. Here is little halloween poem.



Haunted house

Apple bobbing

Lit up pumpkins

Laughs spreading

Orange pumpkins

Witches  flying

Electric lights

Enter if you dare

Night time candy

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